The Firm

Rockey Stratton, P.S. is the successor firm to Eklund Rockey Stratton, P.S., which opened an office in Seattle in 1992.

The attorneys at Rockey Stratton, P.S. have emphasized the defense of insurance claims since 1986.  The firm's office is located just north of Seattle, in Lake Forest Park, Washington, and it litigates in state and federal trial courts and courts of appeals throughout the state of Washington as well as in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The firm handles a wide variety of E&O and other liability claims against insurance producers, attorneys, directors and officers, appraisers, real estate agents and brokers, and other professionals.  As appointed insurance defense counsel, the firm also handles claims involving construction defects, condominiums, premises liability and personal injury.  These claims have involved injuries as  minor as broken ankles and as major as quadriplegia and death.

We are interested in long-term relationships with carriers, and for many years, the members of the firm have defended claims for several major insurers.  While we have successfully defended substantial claims through jury and court trials, we measure our success in litigation in terms of damage containment.  A successful defense is one in which the insurer and insured minimize both legal expenses and indemnity payment, as well as the insured's time involvement.  We are constantly working to develop imaginative approaches to early and successful resolution of litigation.

We develop and keep clients by delivering high quality legal representation at prices that are reasonable.  Most of all, we stress client service.  This means rapid response to requests as well as meaningful and frequent reports.  Our attention to detail has paid off in client loyalty; several major clients have worked with us for more than 20 years. 


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Diversity and Inclusion Statement

            At Rockey Stratton, we believe that excellence results from a diverse and equitable work force. We hold a broader concept of diversity than gender or race to include but is not limited to age, ethnicity, ideas, sexual orientation, abilities and disabilities, and expression.  Rockey Stratton’s standard of diversity promotes the appreciation, respect and inclusion of all staff to allow equitable and meaningful opportunity in our workplace. Rockey Stratton advocates a welcoming environment for all staff through a firm culture of Respect, Support, Transparency, Inclusion, Professionalism and Civility.  Diversity and inclusion bring out the best in our work product, and build lasting bonds within our workforce, our clients and our communities.

revised May 8, 2019